WELCOME TO THE CENTRE FOR RECOVERY RESEARCH. We are an online based non-profit company with one remarkable goal, that is to help our fellow people. We are a Christianity based organization inclined towards the providence of improving the lives of those individuals who believe in the higher power of God Almighty. We provide equal help and assistance to those who are on the fence and those who don’t believe in the supremacy of God Almighty. We offer innovative and precise research on various topics concerning addiction, depression, food, religion and materialistic based existence. Also, we provide computer-based assistance and technology integration with networking to improve communications with every individual present in the world. We have downloadable books, articles, manuals, pamphlets, brochures’ and infinite content jam-packed with information and exercises developed for the greater mind control, right thinking and awakening of the soul. We at The Center Of Recovery Research, provide ground side help with rides to the mall, grocery shops and laundromats for the elderly and veteran individuals of the society. Also, we provide ride services to the penitentiary for those individuals that may be incarcerated. In our vast portfolio of services practice exercise for the mind, soul and body are also included such as memory retention and concentration exercises. We procure and enlist volunteers and organizers in every zip code in the US and Canada, providing nation-wide support and services. We are not for profit organization which gives us more room to help others regardless of cost or whether they are rich or poor. We have new ideas on diet, exercise, belief and have current systems of belief for Christian way of life which have been in scripture but not uncovered till now. Our goal is the hale and healthy subsists and wellbeing of everyone and our subscribers.


  • We are a not-for-profit organization built for healing a people in need of relief.
  • We are organized to help heal others.
  • We run through patrons’ donations.
  • We provide research-based information to improve lives.

We provide research-based ways of learning and thinking that can transform lives through the connection of mind, body and the spirit.