Peer Support Counselor Training

You will remember before this pandemic they were screaming ‘Epidemic” as it relates to drug addiction and mental illnesses. Those problems have not gone away, just out of sight. Addiction is still wreaking havoc, and mental illness, secondary trauma to be exact, is still destroying families, careers, lives that could have been saved if help were available.
Just as the emergency rooms are underequipped, so is hour mental health provider industry. They had no proven strategy then, they have less now. No money, no plan, no people, and no hope. There are policies in effect to get monies to the local mental and addictions treatment facilities, but it will not be enough. There are just too, too many needing help all at once. The quality of providers is also wanting. Wrought with favoritism, corruption, capitalist business plans, they are just not ready for this at this point. This is where we come in, you and us.

Peer support counseling is the most effective way to get help to those needing it, fast, and in the area they live. Many rehabs are far off from where the client lives. Takes time, money, focus, trust. These components for a successful treatment are hard to come by in an instant. Most need to be stabilized before treatment can begin; The best place is close to home. With a peer support network trained and at the ready, all areas, all neighborhoods where help is needed most can be provided with counselors trained in the care and knowledge needed to guide the client to a successful recovery.
There are many different clients, problems, modes of addiction, so too are there different peer counselors who have overcome the same problems and are there to help those with no experience in getting better. The clients’ experience and forte’ lies in the ability to alter their mood with drugs, alcohol, phones, or sex. They have little experience in living without these quick fixes. The peer counselor provided will have had experiences closely matched with the client and will be better equipped to provide guidance than a professional needing to fill out forms, check insurance coverage, then make decisions on what is available rather than what is needed. The peer counselor is there primarily for the client and will be equipped to do what is necessary to get the help needed to start recovery.

This is where you come in. Are you committed to helping others? Do you have experience in messing up your life then working to turn it around? We are not only talking bowery residents. Just difficulties that had you down and then a recovery that put you back on your feet. That is all you need to start this program of training to be a peer counselor in your area. Clients need your hope, your vision, your experience overcoming these problems of the mind.

There is much more to tell you. Sign up for our newsletter and stay in touch. We will be posting a form for you to fill out and we will explain it all in short time. We are finishing up the material needed to train you (this is no small task) and are setting up a simple registration process. There will be no charge for the course but there is a small registration fee to help with getting you verified and in our system. We have tutors available and will strive to get our training verified in your area. Most states have requirements whereas others are not yet familiar with Peer Support services. We are not waiting for government entities to get onboard. This training is built for people not for profit. You can use this training anywhere. After this course you should be able to walk into any facility and pass their qualifiers with shining eyes.
Take this course, get our certificate of completion, and we will help get you positioned in a facility needing support in your area. In some areas we will be setting up satellite offices to help with an influx of clients that have overwhelmed the other agencies. You can help with that too.

So, jump onboard and let’s do this!