Scripture is the source and The Bible is the first English compilation/translation of same.

Our Bible is a collection Holy Scripture translated by choice people in their field then assembled in what we call: A book.

Many questions should ring out with this information:

  • Who did it?
  • Did they do it right?
  • Is anything missing or added?
  • How did they choose what to put in and what not too?
  • How can we be sure the Bible contains a true representation of what God originally inspired?

From the Book Of Enoch through the Book of Revelation, we have been told not to add or take away from the words written and in Enoch we see God telling us to read everything!

Let’s look at the verse numbers in the Bible. These were added by a Sadducee who was not sanctioned by everyone. (The Sadducee’s were the ones who do not believe in Resurrection) Did you hear? Verse numbers were ADDED! Now we may think this or that about this referencing but still, it is against God’s command. I certainly didn’t authorize this. Over the years we have had many interventions like eliminating the Apochrypha, different versions, different translations. Who do we believe? What do we believe?

More on this soon…